Monday, June 24, 2013


I hope Snowden gets away. 

If he sold US Secrets to Russia (for a million dollars) that is a traitor. If he tells the media the US Government is spying on it's own citizens (and isn't getting paid) that is a whistle blower. 

The longer this story drags on at the highest levels of our government the worse Obama looks. He outta just let the guy go live in Ecuador and stop spying on Americans. Stop incarcerating people at GITMO, with no right to a lawyer. No right to a trial. No charges pressed.

Stop killing American Citizens with drones just because he is convinced they are bad guys. They maybe bad guys but killing US Citizens without a trial looks real bad. Stop having the IRS scrutinize political rival groups.

Taken all together and Obama is looking like Nixon. He needs to stop.

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