Friday, June 21, 2013

Wall Street Scared Of Life Without Government Welfare......

All you ever hear is the Government needs to stop spending money. Government spends too much. In a free market system the less government intervention the better. Capitalism doesn’t need the government…. it only needs the government to get out of the way.

But when the government even mentions the possibility of no longer artificially pumping 85 Billion Dollars A MONTH (into propping up the stock market) and the market freaks out. Down it goes 225 points. The Fed didn’t say they were definitely going to stop either…. they just said it may stop somewhere down the road.

You would think Wall Street would be thrilled. Yay less government….. just like they always talk about. But no instead they go into complete panic. If the government isn’t going to prop us up then we are surely doomed.

If the Government was pumping 85 Billion a month into actual Welfare programs for the poor, the Republicans would be jumping up and down screaming bloody murder.

They would be screaming how poor people just want a free ride and it is an outrage. But when the government pumps 85 Billion a month into making Wall Street appear stable (Wall Street Welfare) Republicans (and Fox news) have nothing to say at all.

Welfare for the rich and powerful is always acceptable.

There are 66,000 Deficient bridges in the United States that would cost 76 Billions dollars to fix. We are told there is no money to fix those even though the government spends more then that (every single month) to pretend Wall Street is doing awesome.

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