Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bangladesh Putrid Working Conditions......

In April a garment factory in Bangladesh (which made clothes sold in America) collapsed killing over 1200 workers.

As that story unfolded details emerged about the horrendous working conditions in Bangladesh factories. This caused public outrage.

Meanwhile the body count continued to rise and it seemed no good news would come from the story.

Then on day 17 (miracle of all miracles) they found a woman alive. Positive headlines were plaster on newspapers around the world.

Finally reporters weren’t asking about the putrid working conditions, but rather who this miracle survivor was.

Of course now we find out the entire episode was all make believe. It was staged for the cameras.


Meanwhile workers continue to suffer in Bangladesh factories.

450 workers became ill just the other day http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/06/30/450-workers-fall-ill-at-bangladesh-garment-factory/

It has gotten so bad President Obama has now suspended all trade with Bangladesh.


American retailers are going to have to scramble and find new slave laborers to exploit and fill the void.

So if you are at the mall and notice empty racks please be patient. You should know Corporate America is working hard to find replacement slave laborers. As soon as they find the new batch (of workers) who can sew (their overpriced clothing) things will be back to normal. Keep that credit card handy.

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