Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cell Phones made in the United States.....No Seriously!

Making products in the United States.  What a novel idea.  I will check out this Moto X simple because of where it is being made.  Lots of people say you can’t make things in the United States.  I am glad to see (at least on this small scale) those people being ignore.

Hopefully others will follow.

“Motorola says it's gone to some expense (partner Flextronics spent $25 million retrofitting this facility) and effort to buck that trend and bring 2,000 jobs back from Asia to employ people here in Texas.
"We were the ones that thought differently. We chose to be optimistic," Woodside told the audience, seizing an opportunity to take a swipe at Apple just as Motorola's chief competitor was unveiling its new iPhone 5S two time zones to the west.”
“Google Chairman Eric Schmidt echoed the sentiment and praised American workers he says are "ready for advanced manufacturing and complex tasks."
“Schmidt said assembling the Moto X in the United States will be the "first in a series of steps" by not only Google but also other companies, that will "change the perception of American manufacturing."

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