Friday, April 30, 2010

BP Will Pay Claims.....

That is what BP says today. When there are 700 TV cameras and every news organization in the world Big Oil always promises to do the right thing.

It is what happens over the next 20 years (when the cameras have moved on) that will be in complete contrast to these statements of responsibility.

One needs look no further then Exxon Valdez to know what is about to occur. Exxon said the exact same things in 1989.

"Back in 1989, Exxon executives, including Don Cornett, promised to take care of everyone affected by the spill. "“You have my word we will make you whole again," he said at the time.

Then for the next 20 years they dragged out court battle after court battle while at the same time raking in record profits. Thousands of plaintiffs died off (to the delight of Exxon) and the delays continue on endlessly.

Meanwhile the effects of the spill are still there.

Remember when Bush wanted to Open ANWAR to drilling because it is safer now. Now everyone knows why that would have been a bad idea. The industries safety record is poor. That was true 30 years ago, 20 years ago and still today. Nothing changes no matter how they try to spin it.

Where There Is A Disaster There Is Halliburton.

Where ever bad news is taking place you can always be sure Halliburton is somewhere lurking.
"Cameron supplied the blowout preventer for the rig, and said on Thursday it was insured for $500 million of liability, if needed"

HAHAHA 500 Million isn't going to be anywhere near enough liability coverage when this disaster is all said and done. They are going to need BILLIONS. Get ready for another government bailout.
"The insurance companies are going to pay for a lot of the damage. It will be a negative in some way for all the companies because the insurance companies will be raising the rates," Breard said."

Not one mention of concern for the thousands of miles of coast line about to be destroyed. Not one mention of concern for the hoards of wildlife about to be destroyed. Not one mention of concern for all the livelihoods of fisherman who are about to be ruined.

Their only concern is the bottom line and how it effects the oil companies. That is the only thing they think about. That is the only thing they care about. They don't even pretend otherwise.
Drill Baby Drill.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exxon At It Again....

Is anyone out there paying any attention to this? Anyone notice that gas in CT is $3.00 again?

Yes the industry is up to their old tricks and nobody is paying the slightest attention at all. They realize they have another friend in Obama. Obama loves the oil companies as much as Bush loved them.

Maybe they can try raping and pillaging the consumer again...... And so they are.

A couple of years ago if the price of oil got to $1.85 there was an uproar. Congressional hearings. Now it is pushing $3.00 and nobody says a word. The industry has successfully conditioned the market place. Now they can sit back and count all the free money.

I wonder how high they can push it before someone says something. We have to be getting close to that point in an election year.

The US economy is dead. Demand is weak. Supply is high. And the prices continue rising anyway. Not exactly how supply and demand is suppose to work. It works just fine for Exxon though. As long as the American people continue to sleep through the robbery then everyone can expect more of the same.

Military Called In To Help Oil Spill

Private industry is useless. So move over because the big boys are coming in. The government will have to fix what Private industry screwed up. Again!

"Five times as much oil as previously thought could be leaking from the well beneath where a rig exploded and sank last week, US officials said earlier. "

"The slick is 45 miles (72km) by 105 miles (169km) - almost the size of Jamaica - and heading for the US coast."

"A third leak has been discovered, and a fire-fighting expert said the disaster may become the biggest oil spill ever."

"The Exxon Valdez [tanker disaster off Alaska in 1989] is going to pale [into insignificance] in comparison to this as it goes on."

"Some 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) a day were now thought to be gushing into the sea 50 miles off Louisiana's coast, said the US Coastguard's Rear Admiral Mary Landry. Yesterday it was 42,000 gallons." That is a big adjustment.

When the rig first sank last week there was no oil leaking. Then it was some leaking. The news keeps getting worse and worse and worse. The only good thing is the rig was far out. When Obama gets his way and the rigs are right off shore everybody better watch out.

Drill baby Drill.

April 24. No oil leaking

Amazing how the story keep changing for the worse. From no oil is leaking. To some oil is leaking. To a lot of oil is leaking. You can always assume whatever they are telling you it is even worse. Just wait for it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BP Pointing Fingers....

It is not BP's fault...No sir. Point fingers at someone else. The Exxon Valdez wasn't Exxon's fault either it was the captains fault.

These companies never take responsibility for anything. Always blame someone else.

Amazing how they can't tell you what went wrong because "The cause of the explosion remains under investigation" but they can tell you they are not responsible.

"despite reports to the contrary, BP has not resisted attempts at tightening safety regulations. "We welcome tighter safety regulations. But we'd like them to be applied in a way that makes them practically impermeable."

What is this.... Corporations want more regulations....That can't be. Regulations are a burden. Regulations get in the way. Responsible corporations don't need no stinken regulations.

Amazing how the attitude changes when the oil is gushing uncontrollably into the Gulf with no way to stop it. Then all of a sudden... yeah maybe some regulations would be a good idea. Geniuses...

"The oil spill has the potential to become one of the worst in U.S. history, Landry said Tuesday" No need to sugar coat it at this point. They can't stop it. They know they can't stop it so why pretend. Better to set the stage for the continued debacle.

Drill baby drill.....

More Dreamliner Outsourcing issues.....

The outsourcing issues never end. They go on and on and on......

Saving money by hiring incompetent foreigners is a never ending losing battle for Boeing. Years and years behind schedule and no matter what they do, or how much time passes, the incompetent foreign suppliers can NEVER get their act together. I love it......

Boeing is suspending shipments of large sections of its 787 Dreamliner passenger jet to its Everett final assembly plant outside Seattle for nearly five weeks after hitting snags in its supply chain. ("Snags" is code word for incompetent suppliers)

The halt in deliveries of these sections to Everett for the 23rd and 24th aircraft comes after some suppliers suffered what the company described as parts shortages that had prevented them from finishing their sections, plus difficulties completing some engineering and design changes. They are IDIOTS... They don't know what they are doing..... They can't keep up...... There is a reason they are so cheap. Incompetence is ALWAYS cheap.


"the company had been looking at options to address the problems for “a number of weeks”. HIRE AMERICANS YOU DUMB AZZ.

"Travelled work is work done by a supplier on a plane section such as a wing that is supposed to be completely finished by the supplier before it is shipped to Everett, along with all other sections, where the plane is finally bolted together. iE work has to ‘travel’ to Everett where it is finished, instead of being finished back at the supplier’s base. Workers in American have to redo all the shoddy outsourced work. So outsourcing is a complete and total waste of time. In the end competent Americans always have to do the work anyway.

“I think what you’re seeing is good prudent risk management by Scott Fancher and his team, I THINK WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS BUMBLING IDIOTS FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. THE BUMBLING NEVER ENDS.


Wind Farm Approved In MA

"The tip of the highest blade of each turbine would reach 440 feet above the water."

" Supporters say the $1 billion Cape Wind project would provide a clean, renewable source of energy that could meet up to 75 percent of the power needs on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket."

"Opponents say it would be an industrial blot in an area of pristine beauty and change the region’s historic character." Translation - The super rich don't want to look out of their 2 million dollar beach front homes and see spinning windmills. Too bad for them.

I like how it has taken 9 years for clean windmills to be approved because of environmental concerns. At the same time oil rigs out in the gulf of Mexico that explode, sink, and leak 42,000 gallons of oil per day (for the foreseeable future) are approved in short order. I guess the poor people in Louisiana don't have the same clout as the super rich in Martha's Vinyard.

Immigration Uproar,0,3848260.story

I really don't understand the big deal. If you are here legally there is no problem. If you are not here legally that is a problem. So go back to where you are legal and don't worry about it.

"Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that she had "deep concerns" with the law and said it could siphon resources needed to target criminals" She means criminals like illegal Aliens who are not suppose to be here. Who came here illegally and are breaking the law. Are those the criminals that law enforcement are suppose to be going after.

I am still not seeing the problem. There is a law. People are breaking the law. Law enforcement is being instructed to stop it. Where is there a problem?

The problem was when there was a law that nobody was enforcing.

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder said he was considering "the possibility of a court challenge." A court challenge to law enforcement doing their job? Look if they want to make running across the southern border legal then do it. As long as there is a law that says people can't do that then this is all a non issue.

When I drive home on a Saturday night and there are 15 police cars set up on the Bridge checking to see if people are drunk driving nobody says the cops are violating my civil rights. Nobody says they shouldn't be allowed to do that. How is this any different. It is only a problem if you have something to hide.

Mexico is war zone and violence is happening all along the border.
"686 people have been murdered " this year alone. That is more then in Iraq.

"Crime in Juarez also threatens to bleed across the border. Criminal gangs working for drug cartels already operate on both sides of the border, and in a sign of the growing risks, on March 13 gunmen killed three people linked to the U.S. consulate in Juarez . The sky-high murder rate is driven by two rival groups — the Juarez cartel and the Sinaloa cartel — and their battle for control of drug smuggling into the U.S."

"Gunmen carried out 1,900 carjackings last year in the city, and extortion is rampant. In a working class district of southeastern Juarez , neighbor Anastasio Sayas surveyed a two-story house that had been torched before dawn. The owners had refused payment to gangsters."

At least Arizona is doing something. More then Obama or anyone else is doing.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

“one shitty deal.”

Goldman getting grilled in an election year. It is all part of the show. Sorta like when they used to grill Exxon Mobil when oil was $140.00 a barrel. The hope is the American people will get the illusion the government cares (and isn't part of the problem)when in truth we all know that is far from the reality. My guess is it won't work. But as always enjoy the show.

Not Even In South Park

Freedom of speech unless you are discussing Islam. If you are you better just be quiet. Or Else.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Roethlisberger Statement

He regrets he fell short of the values his parents taught him
He is sorry he is missing games.
He is sorry he let his teammates down.
He is sorry he let Steeler fans down.
He is disappointed he has reached this point.

Where is the apology to the 20 year old girl he sexually assaulted in the bathrooms while his buddies kept out her friends. No apology to her..... Interesting!

Oil Could Leak For Months.....

now about 42,000 gallons of oil a day pouring into the Gulf of Mexico.

The spill now covering 600 square miles.

Drill Baby Drill.......

Friday, April 23, 2010

Immigration Reform,0,6471381.story

Obama calls it immigration reform but the truth is it is ILLEGAL Immigration reform. It is what to do about the 11 million (low number) of Mexicans (and others) who ran across our southern border (illegally) and work below minimum wage (suppressing wages for others). Many don't pay taxes. They are a burden on state and federal governments. They take up valuable social services. In many instances they commit crimes. They are involved in drugs and gangs and it is a severe problem in many states.

Since there are so many here they actually have a voice in our political process. Corporate America wants them so they can continue to employee them in the shadows. The government does whatever corporate America wants so it is a problem that never gets resolved.

The idea of giving them amnesty for breaking the law angers many people. So what to do. With the downward spiral of the economy the jobs have dried up for many illegal's. But that is not a permanent solution.

For me it begins with securing the border. Where they have secured it the number of illegal's has dropped. There isn't the political will to really secure it everywhere. So again it never really gets fixed

Overall I have no problem with people coming to America but it needs to be in the proper way. Get in line and wait your turn. Learn English and obey our laws. Then everyone is welcome.

This Is Why Everyone Gets Rights

"The shabby treatment of this innocent man is a chilling reminder of why we all need the protection of the courts."

This is why it is wrong for the government to throw people in jail and never charge them with a crime and never give them a day in court. When the government gets to arbitrarily decide who is a terrorist and who isn't (based on nothing) innocent people end up in jail for a decade. This is why EVERYONE gets the presumption of innocents and EVERYONE gets a day in court. Period!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Details Of China's hacking of Google

"the losses included one of Google’s crown jewels, a password system that controls access by millions of users worldwide to almost all of the company’s Web services, including e-mail and business applications"

"more than two dozen other companies that were compromised, the vast majority of which have not acknowledged the attacks."

" having access to the original programmer’s instructions, or source code, could also provide technically skilled hackers with knowledge about subtle security vulnerabilities in the Gaia code that may have eluded Google’s engineers."

" Understanding the algorithms on which the software is based might be of great value to an attacker looking for weak points in the system, he said."

"At one high-profile Silicon Valley company, investigators found evidence of intrusions going back more than two years,"

New $100.00 Bill

Mark Cuban Scared Of The NFL

Mark Cuban is a little baby. He is upset the NFL draft is happening in Prime Time and right when the NBA Playoffs are happening. Boo hoo it is Capitalism. Time to compete. All these rich Billionaires love talking about the free market system except when it is time to actually compete. Then they cry like a baby. Whaaa people would rather watch the totally boring NFL draft (4 months before any real games are played) then NBA playoff basketball. Get over it. If your product is good people will watch. If it isn't people will leave. That is how Capitalism works. The problem with the NBA playoffs is the first round is best of 7 and dragged out over two weeks. It should be best of 5 played over one week. Get rid of all the dead wood teams quickly and maybe people would be more interested. Right now out of 8 first round series 5 are 2-0 and not competitive. That is boring. Speed it up. Or lose viewers to the NFL.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today Mcafee screws everything up.,2817,2362926,00.asp

The real screw up started 4 years ago when they started moving jobs to India


Oil Rig Explosion

Lets drill off the US coast. It is safe. After all it is 2010 not 1965. The industry is much safer then it used to be. Accidents don't happen anymore. Drill baby drill.

The Tale Of The New Air Force Refueling Planes

The saga of the New Air Force Refueling planes. It is a tale of politics, politics, and even more politics. (sound familiar)

The two companies involved in the initial contract were Boeing and Northrop.

The contract calls for the replacement the current ageing fleet of Boeing refueling planes. They are currently all 30+ years old.

The original contract was awarded to Boeing back in 2003. Then controversy broke out. The procurement officer for the Air Force named Darleen Druyun (after approving the deal to buy the Boeing planes) left the Air Force and went to work for Boeing at a salary of $250,000. There was outrage over her hiring. An investigation was launched. Druyan was fired from Boeing. The Executive that hired her was fired. The Boeing CEO was forced to resign. The contract to buy the planes is cancelled. There was an investigation and Druyan and the Boeing executive both pleaded guilty and both went to Jail.

The entire process started all over again.

For the second bidding process Northrop partnered with EADS (parent company to Airbus) and bid on the contract together. There was outrage that a US Air Force Planes will be built in Europe. Northrop promised the new planes will be built in Alabama.

Eventually Northrop won the 38 Billion Dollar Contract.

Boeing was enraged and complained there was an unfair process (again) to pick the winner.

The Government Accountability Office agreed and Secretary of Defense canceled the second contract.

The entire process had to start over for the 3rd time.

This time Northrop's says they will not participate in another bidding process. They stomped their feet and went home.

Meanehile the EADS says they will bid on the new contract without Northrop. They are not stupid enough to walk away from 35 Billion

Even the Russians say they may bid on the US Air Force Tanker Contract. In case the whole thing wasn't enough of a circus.,,5374269,00.html

So now you are up to date on what has been going on for 9 straight years and could possibly go on for the next 9.

The International Space Station

That is cool.

It reminds us of a time when America was capable of doing great things. That all ends in three more Shuttle missions. Then we will have 15 years of nothing at all. Probably a lot longer then that.

Thanks Obama......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Pretty Pictures

Oops don't forget your Iphone.....

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Apples legendary security used to protect all of Apples secrets still wasn't good enough to protect the next generation Iphone from being left on a bar stool and sold to Gizmodo for $5000.00 cash.

GM Paying Back The Government

Two weeks ago GM announced they lost 4.3 BILLION

Today GM is announcing they are paying back 4.7 Billion in debt they owe the government.

1) Where did the money come from since their results are still so poor.

2) What is the rush to pay the government back?

Here is the answer.

Once the government said if you take bailout money executive compensation must be curtailed these companies will do anything to give back the money. Closing plants is fine. Laying people off is fine. Closing dealerships is fine. Borrowing from another source is fine. The only thing not fine is telling top executives they can't have endless money to reward their failing results. The second that got put on the table all the bailout money was returned as fast as possible. It is better to have a failing company and endless compensation then it is to take less money and have a successful company.

The Tale Of The New Presidential Helicopter

The saga of the New Presidential helicopter. It is a tale of politics, politics, and even more politics.

Two companies competed for the initial contract. Sikorsky Helicopter based in Connecticut and Lockheed Martin based in Maryland.

Sirkorsky builds helicopters. That is what they do. That is all they do. They have done it well since day 1. They have been the only provider of Presidential helicopters.

Lockheed has never built a helicopter ever. That was not an impediment to them bidding for the new contract though. They teamed up with two European companies to help with the project. One in Italy and one in Britain.

It was unthinkable that the US President would be flown around in a European built helicopter. So it seemed the odds of Lockheed winning the contract were not good.

In 2005 Republican George W Bush was President. He had no use for Democratic leaning Connecticut. With it's Democrat Senator Dodd and it's Democrat Senator Lieberman (Who ran against Bush in 2000). Bush tried to kill the Sub Base in Groton just to spite Connecticut. He failed but his distaste for the state did not waver.

Also in 2005 the Iraq War was raging and Bush didn't have many friends. As a result he rewarded the few friends he had (Britain and Italy) while at the same time sticking it to Connecticut. Lockheed and the Europeans won the contract despite all common sense.

Because Lockheed never built a Helicopter the costs ballooned (as they always do) and politically the new helicopters became a hot potatoe. By 2008 Obama promised to kill the helicopter because the one he had was just fine.

President Obama rode into Washington promising change . He was going to get rid of waste. He was going to review the budget line by line and cancel all unnecessary spending.

To show he was serious he did exactly what he said and he killed to new Helicopter. How refreshing a politician who does what he says.

Oh wait.....Not so fast. What is this..... The Helicopter is back. Obama was just kidding. Now that nobody is paying attention it is safe to bring the boon dogle back. Less then a year after the new Helicopter was killed is back. Surprise!!!!!!!

With the same players bidding (all over again) for more free government money. The current presidential helicopter was fine last May but 10 months later it is time to do it all over again.

Another Obama smoke and mirrors illusion show. Obama makes David Copperfield look like an amateur.

Now to ensure there is no debate regarding should Lockheed get the contract or should Sikorsky get the contract both companies will work together. That will stop all the pesky squabbling and allow everyone to share in the free government giveaway.,0,6540205.story

Obama..Change you can believe in.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Women Are To Blame

This is why we should be concerned if Iran gets a nuclear bomb. The people who will be controlling it are the same people who think this.

Crazy people with Nukes. It doesn't get more scary then that.

GM forced to stop production because of faulty Chinese Parts

One week of lost production because GM thought it was smarter to buy faulty parts from China. Building parts in the USA is expensive. American workers cost a lot of money. Why pay when you can save money and pocket the difference. Sure the quality sucks but hey if it is cheaper......

I wonder if the high priced executives factored in a week of lost production. It is hard to sell $28,000 trucks when the plant is shut down. I wonder how many trucks they make in a week. I bet it is a lot. I bet the total lost revenue will be substantial.

Good move GM. It is decisions like this that led them straight into bankruptcy. I see they learned nothing.

Jamie Dimon Boooooooooo........

Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan has been invited to speak at the Syracuse commencement. Syracuse students are pissed off about it. 900 of them have signed a petition to uninvited him.

He was invited because JP Morgan opened a technology center on the Syracuse campus. This is the thank you.

The problem is the man has two strikes against him 1) He is a CEO. Everyone knows CEO is a dirty word in 2010. People hear CEO and immediately think of White collar criminal. 2) He is the head of a big bank. Jesse James would probably get a warmer reception then this jerk off.

"Dimon said he “didn’t expect” the protest his speech has garnered" Maybe he should leave his gated community and read a newspaper. People are pissed off he he and his cohorts are a big reason why.

“He’s one of the most respected people on Wall Street,” That is like saying Al Capone was one of the most respected inmates at Alcatraz. Yay! Good for him.

The bottom line is the graduating class of 2010 (who are all soon going to be unemployed) don't want to sit (with their currently unemployed parents) and listen to this yahoo. He will tell them how "they can do anything they want if you put your mind too it". "The sky is the limit for the class of 2010". "Change the world....." blah blah..... They will be free to watch Oprah or Ellen. That is about it the extent of their choices. There is no shame in living with your parents till age 35. JP Morgan has your back.

The Case Against Goldman

"Wall Street bank sold investors a subprime-mortgage investment that was secretly designed to lose value. "

"investments derived from home loans made to borrowers who couldn't afford the houses they were buying. "

"Goldman Sachs misled its clients, goes beyond, raising the possibility that the bankers who devised these investments knew they were selling toxic financial products that could endanger the financial system but were concerned only with the fees they would earn by doing so."

"a senior Goldman Sachs executive recognized in an e-mail that the implosion of the housing market was imminent. "The whole building is about to collapse anytime now," concluded Goldman Sachs vice president Fabrice Tourre, who allegedly created the investment at the core of the case. "

"John Paulson, who personally earned billions of dollars as his firm Paulson & Co. bet against the housing market as it went bust."

"Goldman Sachs created and marketed a financial product known as a collateralized debt obligation, often referred to as a CDO, whose value was linked to that of home loans. The agency claims that Goldman Sachs didn't tell investors that Paulson & Co. helped the bank assemble the CDO while the hedge fund at the same time placed bets that it would lose value."

"Goldman wrongly permitted a client that was betting against the mortgage market to heavily influence which mortgage securities to include in an investment portfolio, while telling other investors that the securities were selected by an independent, objective third party."

"Paulson & Co. paid Goldman Sachs $15 million for structuring and marketing the CDO. Investors in the CDO lost more than $1 billion, according to the agency. "

"If the conduct alleged by the SEC went beyond this specific instance and was common on Wall Street, this disclosure could upend a popular notion about the causes of the financial crisis. It could mean that bankers may have been intentionally creating toxic assets, looking only to generate fees for their employers and bonuses for themselves without worrying whether it would cost investors or clients or pose a risk to the nation's financial markets. "

"The prevailing view has been that Wall Street's biggest banks, perhaps ignoring common sense, bought into the widespread notion that housing prices would continue to rise for the foreseeable future, and that these firms were as surprised as anyone by the sudden collapse in the housing market. "

This is what happens when the government deregulates and nobody is watching the children (I mean bankers).

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bank Of America VS. The Rest Of Us

Bank of America (and Wall Street) are rolling in the cash. Life couldn't be better for the haves.

Meanwhile on Main Street the picture isn't as rosy. The Have Nots are still waiting for prosperity to rain down.

Unfortunately for Obama his approval ratings are based on the have nots. So he better wake up or he is going to follow Jimmy Carter and the First George Bush.

Oh who am I kidding.... If Obama smiles real nice he will still be reelected regardless. John Boehner is not a threat. Neither are any of the other Republican jokers who would try and topple him.

The status quo will be preserved no matter how angry the American people become.

Microsoft Slaves In China

I bet Bill Gates is so proud. He is a true humanitarian.

Each of these slaves replaced a US worker making a decent salary and contributing to the US economy. The US economy is struggling today as a direct result of these practices.

"We are like prisoners"

"They prefer to hire women 18 to 25 years of age, since they are easier to discipline and control."

" workers were at the factory 97 hours a week while working 80 ½ hours. In 2009, workers report being at the factory 83 hours a week, while working 68 hours."
Workers are paid 65 cents an hour, which falls to a take-home wage of 52 cents after deductions for factory food.

Workers are prohibited from talking, listening to music or using the bathroom during working hours. As punishment, workers who make mistakes are made to clean the bathrooms.
Security guards sexually harass the young women.

Fourteen workers share each primitive dorm room, sleeping on narrow double-level bunk beds.

To "shower," workers fetch hot water in a small plastic bucket to take a sponge bath. Workers describe factory food as awful.

Not only are the hours long, but the work pace is grueling as workers race frantically to complete their mandatory goal of 2,000 Microsoft mice per shift.

During the long summer months when factory temperatures routinely reach 86 degrees, workers are drenched in sweat.

There is no freedom of movement and workers can only leave the factory compound during regulated hours.

The workers have no rights, as every single labor law in China is violated. Microsoft's and other companies' codes of conduct have zero impact.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Year Of The Unexpected Anomaly

"increasing worries that high unemployment will stick around for a long time." Good morning world renowned economists. Welcome to the real world. Nice that you could join us. I always knew eventually they would figure it out. These are smart people after all.......

"Economists suggest the spike in claims could be related to the Easter holiday. (Sure it is) Each week, it seems, there's some sort of anomaly that affects the new jobless claims -- the big February snows, the March snapback from the big February snows, the Easter holiday -- so it's hard to get a good handle on the real jobless picture in the U.S."

It is not hard at all. The jobs are disappearing. They have been disappearing and they will continue to disappear. There is nothing hard to grasp about it at all. Everyone should expect it.
There is no anomaly either. The Easter holiday is NOT an anomaly. It has happened every year for thousands of years. Snow storms in February are also NOT an anomaly. In snows in February every single year. The anomaly is when the rate went down. That was what was hard to explain. Down right bizarre. The fact that it keeps going up week after week should be expected by all. Maybe at some point it will level out. But if people are waiting for some big turnaround I think it will be a long wait.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freedom Of The Press - Except when Obama is President

Even though he chided the Bush administration for being secretive. Even though he promised transparency and openness. In the end it was all just more lies.

Obama sneaking around. Even Clinton didn't sneak around and he was having an affair. Obama breaking all the rules.

10 Forclosures For Every Home Saved

More Obama failures. It is getting hard to keep up. They come fast and furious.

He promised to save 4 million homes. He has only helped 168,000 so far. Not even close. Wall Street might be sipping Champaign and feasting on caviar but in the real world the misery continues unabated. This despite BILLIONS spent.

As I said from the beginning.... if people don't have jobs no foreclosure plan is going to work. Guess what? People still don't have jobs. Another Obama failure. He is the master of spending lots and accomplishing little. It must be hard to spend that much and have nothing to show. Somehow he finds new ways.

Change you can believe in.

NASA's Inspiring plans to be announced. Try to contain your excitement

Obamas inspiring plans for NASA include updating the Kennedy Space Center. Well that should get the imagination of millions of kids all fired up. Nothing is more stimulating then a bunch of rocket scientists painting the walls of the Kennedy Space Center. What could be more inspiring then new carpet in the hallways. Obama is a visionary.

So he wants to use commercial companies to ferry astronauts back and forth. How is that going to work? Private Companies need to make money. How do they make money by bringing people back and forth to the ISS?

Interesting that for student loans it was important (for Obama) to cut out the middle man. But for space travel it was important to add a middle man. If NASA is too expensive Obamas solution is to add private companies who need to make a profit. Yes private companies always do such a bang up job controlling costs and doing things on schedule.

Lets look at the record of Private Companies in the space launch business.

Boeing Bankrupt. A complete failure.

Lets look at other Boeing endeavors to see if the private sector is ever the answer to being on schedule and under budget.

The F-35 - Over budget and behind schedule.

Boeing building the high tech security wall on the Mexican border. Over budget and behind schedule.

The Boeing Dreamliner is way over budget and almost 3 years behind schedule.

So why would Obama want to go this route. Maybe because Boeing is headquarter in Chicago? What a coincidence that Obama is from Chicago too. I bet Boeing gave a lot of money to Obamas election too. Maybe if the student loan industry gave a lot of money they would still be allowed to exist too.

So Obama thinks going to the moon is too expensive and behind schedule. So his answer is to kill the program. But going to Mars will somehow be more realistic. Even though the technologies being used to develop Constellation will also be used to go to Mars. Obama feels it makes more sense to abandon the 9 Billion dollars spent to start over from square 1. That will save money.

In the short term Obamas vision of our National space agency is to have them incapable of getting into space. They are reduced to fixing Toyota's.

What a national embarrassment.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Iphones are disposable

After 3 years just throw it away.

Sure you stood in line to get it. Of course you paid $600.00 to get one of the first ones. That was 33 months ago. Now toss it in the trash and buy another one. If you don't then Steve Jobs is through with you. He only likes your money when it is crisp and new. Money you gave him yesterday is no good to him today. Now move along.

Everyone standing in line today waiting for his precious IPad should know that in 33 months the relationship is over.

Oops...Congress may have ended their cushy Healthcare.

This is what happens when Congress passes a 2000 page Health Care bill that nobody read and even less people understood. Congress may have removed themselves from their cushy Government Health Care Plan. They may have voted to screw themselves and didn't even know it. Idiots!

"The confusion raises the inevitable question: If they did not know exactly what they were doing to themselves, did lawmakers who wrote and passed the bill fully grasp the details of how it would influence the lives of other Americans? "

China to the USA - Drop Dead

The Chinese will not stop their protectionist ways. They will continue to manipulate their currency and will have no part of Obama pretending to care. Protectionism is their secret to sucess.

"the Chinese commerce ministry has introduced a duty of up to 64.8% on imports of US electrical steel"

Fine, The US should retaliate and place a 64% tariffs on all imports from China. Across the board. We will show them who is boss.

In three months I want to walk into Walmart and see shelf after shelf filled with dust covered products unable to move. That would be a sign of progress.

But we all know Obama is a spineless wonder. He will never upset his bosses in Corporate America, or his banker in China. So we will see a nice show. There will be some yelling. There will be some threatening. In the end the status quo will prevail as it always does.

In November the Democrats will get steam rolled and the Republicans will return to do more of the same.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Freedom of Speech - Not Always

Unless you are flying a plane over Augusta National while Tiger Woods is playing. Then ESPN and the FAA will put a stop to it.

The FAA has no problem letting a Colgan Air flight be flown into the ground by an unqualified pilot and a sick co pilot making $16,000 a year. That is not a problem but don't dare say anything about Tiger Woods or there will be problems.

Friday, April 9, 2010

NASA's Future - A Total Joke!

Obama is fine spending 800 Billion to pave a bunch of roads that don't need to be paved for the supposed purpose of creating jobs.

But will only spend 19 billion on a space program (causing thousands of highly skilled workers to become unemployed) with the goal of accomplishing absolutely nothing. No goal. No timetables. Nothing.... What a freakin joke! He should just board up the buildings and be done with it. Why even waste time pretending this is anything when we can all plainly see it is nothing. Obama is insulting our intelligence with this charade.

NASA will just be another failed American enterprise. If Americans want to see Space Travel we can all watch the Chinese do it. There is a country to be proud of.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Difference 6 Days Can Make

6 days ago the economy was "turning the corner". The economy was creating jobs. 162,000 jobs last month. Wow!! Everyone celebrate.

Sure over 40,000 of those were temporary Census jobs but lets not get wrapped up in the details.

Lets do the math. 20,000,000 (out of work) minus the 162,000 (new jobs) only leaves 19,838,000 jobs left to create just to break even. We are almost there....

At this rate it will only be 10 years to break even. Yet Obama was jumping up and down with optimism. The hard times are behind us..... Chill the Champaign.....

But wait before you pour that second glass what is this........

Another Unexpected rise? How can that be? Obama said we turned the corner. How could another 460,000 have lost their jobs last week alone. 460,000 wipes out the 160,000 created last month. Now it will be even longer to break even. This is going to screw everything up. Sigh.........

Don't even consider the millions of students about to graduate (next month) from the class of 2010. They will enter the job market only to find their $160,000.00 education is worth $0.00 in today's job market. Boy are they going to be pissed. Welcome to the real world jerk offs. Obama certainly won't be worrying about this group because they won't ever be counted in the unemployment numbers. They will sit home unemployed and nobody will even know (or care).

I really thought the worst was behind us. How deflating. Maybe it is time for Obama to have a second Jobs Summit. The first one was such a rousing success. Or maybe another 800 Billion should be thrown into the swirling toilet. The first 800 billion yielded such stellar results.

Like anyone should really be surprised.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GM - Still A Mess

"GM has not earned an annual profit since 2004 and lost $88 billion between 2005 and its bankruptcy filing in June 2009."

"Through the bankruptcy and reorganization during 2009, the company shed billions in debt and 26,000 employees worldwide. Now leaner, GM can more easily earn profit, company officials said. " If that is true why did they still lose 4 Billion?

So lets recap. GM has been losing BILLIONS and BILLIONS for 6 consecutive years. In the middle of the 6 year downward spiral (and as a reward for such horrific results) the CEO received a 64% pay increase in 2007.

Currently the GM CEO makes 9 million dollars for his bang up job.

Rewarding failure -The new American way.

Celebrating the Confederacy

Yes it is important to celebrate Slavery, Racism, and Treason. Those are very admirable things that should be held up high and admired 150 years after the Civil War. A war that killed more Americans then any other war in its history. The rest of the Country has moved forward but Virginia insists on moving backwards. They are so proud of their stained past and want everyone to know. Next month Germany will Celebrate Gestapo Appreciation month.

Obama Targeting America Citizens for Assassination

Obama ended Bushes practice of torturing terrorist suspects. That was wrong... he said. America is better then that... he said. It is a new day for America.

After all why torture people when you can simply kill them. I mean why waste time with water boarding. Who wants to sit through a boring trial. If you think someone is guilty of something then assassinate them. Isn't that the American way.

"Innocent until proven guilty" is such a tired concept. If Obama says you are guilty then you are. Just like how it worked in Germany in 1938. No need for formalities.

So if you are a US citizen you better watch your back. Obama might be coming for you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Donald Trump agrees with me 100%

Donald Trump says the EXACT same thing I have been saying for years.....

Nobody listens when I says it. We will see if anyone listens when "The Donald" says it.

Geitners trip to India - A Recap

"few specifics were disclosed" Let me enlighten you on the undisclosed specifics. US companies are going to lay off American workers and move the work to India. OK.... Everyone agree??? Good....shake hands. Smile for the cameras. and we are done.

"Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee invited U.S. companies to invest in the fast-developing country's booming construction industry" Thanks that will help the USA.

"the country's infrastructure could absorb up to $600 billion in foreign investment over five years." Thanks that will help the USA.

"India permits 100 percent foreign investment in road building." Feel free to build an Indian road.

" But it has long restricted many other forms of foreign investment, (PROTECTIONISM) including importing wine, opening retail chain stores and credit and insurance investments" In other words they won't buy our sh*t. They will only import our jobs. Everything else is protected through protectionist policy's that we are not allowed to partake in. Sounds fair to me.

"And I think we have a chance to demonstrate together this economic relationship offers very promising growth and opportunities for American firms just as it does for Indian firms." Nowhere does he mention a benefit to the American worker. The American workers are free to f*ck themselves. The firms will make out like bandits.

"U.S. private investment here is worth $16.1 billion" That is 16.1 billion that used to be used to pay American workers who now sit in the unemployment line. What a great deal.

Comcast wins - The consumer loses.

The courts say the FCC can't regulate Broadband.

Know what that means?

It means when Comcast decides to make really really slow on your network because Walmart is paying Comcast to do it that it is completely legal. There is nothing you can do about it.

Isn't deregulation awesome. Don't you just love it.

Who needs to act to correct this? Congress...... They need to pass the appropriate legislation to give the FCC the power to make it fair.

Will they? Of course not....... Enjoy your slow broadband....suckers!

Corporate Taxes
So not only do businesses not pay taxes but then they turn around and ask for tax payer provided stimulus money.

If you listen to the Republicans all they talk about is lowering the corporate tax rate to "create jobs". How do you lower it past zero. These companies pay nothing now. Then they take bailout money. Then they move all the jobs overseas. Meanwhile our government sits around twiddling their thumbs.

Obama isn't going to do sh*t to fix the problem. He is too busy smoozing these same top executives during his "jobs summit". The last people he is going to piss off are his corporate pals. Sure he pretends to be man of the people but in reality he would rather hang out with corporate royalty. The real people are just for photo ops.

Why does Big oil want to drill off the United States? Here is your answer.

"The oil companies are oddities among the multinationals because many of the oil-rich countries where they do business levy even higher taxes than the U.S."

"of $15 billion in income taxes last year, Exxon paid none of it to Uncle Sam, and has tens of billions in earnings permanently reinvested overseas."

It has nothing to do with need for supply. It simply has to do with the bottom line of Big Oil. Obama is only too happy to help out. Change we can believe in.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Barrier Reef

There are no oil spills in 2010. The industry is much safer today. Sure drill off the US Coast. It will be fine. No worries.

Geitner in India......Uh oh

“On principle, they both agree on everything,” Meaning the USA wants to send all our jobs to India. India thinks that is great. Everyone agrees unemployed Americans is the way to go.

"The two countries remain far apart on U.S. farm subsidies and India’s unwillingness to open its markets to foreign farmers, because they both want to protect their agricultural sectors."

PROTECTIONISM....... It works for the rest of the world just fine.

America is suppose to have free trade all the time while the rest of the world protects their economies. The USA can't give it away fast enough.

"U.S. businesses also remain the largest customers for India’s marquee information technology industry." Those are US jobs. Their product is our livelihoods. I say no way...... Geitner will say otherwise and tens of thousands more will get pink slips as Indian cheers.

"New Delhi seems reluctant to allow more foreign banks into the country"

"Any argument Mr.. Geithner makes for a greater opening of financial markets is likely to be quickly shot down by Indian officials"

More protectionists policies....

“Indian public opinion will remind him that post-crisis America has little standing in trumpeting the benefits of financial sector deregulation"

They know deregulation is a terrible idea. Why are we so dumb?

"Indian authorities have not allowed most American and European banks that have operations in India."

Protectionism as far as the eye can see. Tell me again why we don't do the same?

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Golden Boys

The rich keep getting richer and richer and richer.

Main Street might be struggling but the Super Rich are having a field day. They are all cashing in on the Wall Street Bailouts. They win when things are going well and they win again when things are going horrible.

In a world of haves and have nots it must be nice to be a have.

Pratt and Whitney doesn't want to compete

Pratt and Whitney doesn't want to compete. Not with GE. Not with Rolls Royce. Not with anyone. Sure Corporate America is always talking about competition in the free market.

Let the open market decide..... is what they proclaim. I guess that doesn't apply when there are 70 Billion tax dollars at stake. Suddenly Pratt doesn't want to compete. They just want to be handed a monopoly. Put all the money in the briefcase. Hand it over the table and go away. Not..... may the best engine win. If there were two manufactures that could drive down the prices and God forbid that happens. No.. no.. no.. that would be bad.

Yes corporate America talks about free markets (and it sounds nice) but the reality is something completely different. Especially when it is tax payer money. That is the best kind of money after all. So easy to get. Just go to Washington. Invest a couple of million dollars on your favorite elected officials (better yet invest it on all the elected officials) and start counting the billions.

God forbid UTC has to pay anything back though. Then it is endless complaints and whining about the cost of doing business. For the tax payers to hand over the billions that is not a problem but if 9% has to be paid back in taxes there will be h*ll to pay.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Deeply Unfair

Crocodile tears from Geitner. How comforting to know he cares so much.

"Geithner also argued that President Barack Obama had no choice when confronted with a financial crisis." It wasn't Obama it was Bush. The guy can't even remember two years ago.

"Geithner also said that administration officials are "very worried" about recovering the more than 8 million jobs lost in the recession" They should be very worried. Now if only they would address the correct issue maybe it could be addressed.

"The secretary agreed that the national jobless rate — now at 9.7 percent — is "still terribly high and is going to stay unacceptably high for a very long time" because of the damage caused by the recession. Correction... Because of the damage caused by corporate America off shoring for 30 years. He is right in that it is going to stay unacceptably high because nobody is addressing the real issue. Not Democrats, not Republicans. Not anyone. Lots of wasting money. Lots of speeches. Nobody fixing the real issues. Nobody even acknowledging the real issues.

"A report Thursday said that initial claims for unemployment benefits fell slightly last week as the recovering economy moves closer to generating more jobs." This is not true. Just because the economy isn't losing as many jobs has no bearing on if new jobs are going to be created. This is wishful thinking

"Geithner said he hopes skeptical voters will note legislation moving through Congress to bring reforms to the financial system." What is taking so long? Lehman brothers collapsed 18 months ago. Bear Sterns collapsed two years ago. It took them four weeks to put TARP together. Why are reforms taking so long. I think the answer to Geitner is NO voters will remain angry and skeptical. He is to blame too. He was helping to steer the ship when it sank so his phony concern is disingenuous at best since he is responsible.

Uconn Woman

This is nonsense. The Uconn Woman are great for Woman’s College basketball. When else has it received so much attention?

Even the LA Times is writing about the Uconn Woman,0,3896507.story

LA writing about Uconn….. Think about it.

The idea that a dominant team is bad is horse sh*t. I don’t remember the Boston Herald complaining when the Patriots were 18-0 and killing the opposition. That was just fine but heavens to Betsy if Uconn has similar success. The idea that Uconn can’t lose is equally horsesh*t. Ask Tom Brady about that.

I wonder if the Boston Herald thought the Celtics were bad for Basketball when they won every year in the 60’s. Was Bill Russell not good for the game? When the Bulls won 6 out of 8 I don’t remember hearing anyone complain. When the Yankees win every 4 minutes nobody complains.

The Uconn Woman are the only reason anyone cares about woman’s basketball. That was true in 1995 ( when they had their first undefeated season ) and it is still true in 2010.
Is Woman’s basketball super popular…No. But the only reason it is in the headlines is because of Uconns domination.