Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Nike deal with NFL. $$$$$


"Terms were not disclosed for any of the deals"

What a shocker. They don't want to disclose the terms because they don't want the players to know how much money they are raking in. They need to plead poverty to the players while they insist the players need to make less money.

Meanwhile they sign deal after deal after deal......

"New Era will handle on-field headwear. Under Armour will remain the sponsor of the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Gill will manufacture fan gear, as will VF. Outerstuff will continue as the league's youth apparel provider, and '47 Brand will do headwear for fans."

Money... money.... money... money..... money.....Everywhere you look there are piles of money. Oh I mean we are real poor. Please take less money players...hehehehehe.

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