Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dreamliner Delays.......

Just because I stopped talking about the constant delays don't think they stopped happening. As sure as the sun rose in the east you can bet Dreamliner delays continue on and on and on and on........and on.......

"Boeing, the world's second-largest commercial plane maker after Airbus , said the halt in shipments would not affect its first Dreamliner delivery date. (Comical...The plane is three years late but the current delay will not affect delivery. HAHAHAHAHA I think that ship sailed)

"It is absolutely normal that adjustments to the schedule of such a program are made," (Ummmm no it isn't. There has never been a plane in the history of commercial aviation that has been 3 years behind schedule. It has never happened. Ever! Nice try through. Maybe if they say it over and over it will become true.)

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