Thursday, October 21, 2010


This article paints a man that notices everything around him. Notices things that other people don't notice. Yet he was blind to the fact that if he made a one hour special out of his 10 second announcement everyone would hate him. He doesn't seem too aware to me.

For me he showed his true colors a year earlier when he lost in the Eastern Conference Finals (to the Magic) and stormed off the court in a huff without shaking hands.

He showed his true colors when he danced mockingly in front of the Chicago Bulls bench.

When he mailed in his effort against the Celtics in last years playoffs.

Lebron is a spoiled brat. He has always been placed on a pedestal (King James). He could get away with the attitude when he was the hometown boy making good. Once he gave that up there really isn't much to cheer about.

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