Monday, July 27, 2015

Rick Santorum....Dumb as Ever....

“There are people who are alive today who identified themselves as gay and lesbian and who no longer are. That’s true. I do know, I’ve met people in that case.”
Of course you did….. It is just a choice. People make choices all the time. Some days I choose to wear a blue shirt. Some days I choose to wear a red shirt. It is just like that.
Making choices is perfectly natural. Sometimes I choose to eat a pizza. Other days I choose to eat Chinese food.
Choices…..Choices. Maybe you chose to find the same sex attractive…… but we all know you can choose not to if you really wanted. It is all your choice.
Sure thing Rick.
“So I guess maybe in that case, maybe they did,” he said, adding that he does “know people who have lived the gay lifestyle and no longer live it.”
What exactly is the “gay lifestyle” Is there like a certain type of furniture you buy at Ikea if you want to live the “Gay Lifestyle”. When you are done living the “Gay Lifestyle” you just replace the furniture to let people know your style has changed.
I am so glad we have so many qualified and inspiring Republicans candidates……It is endlessly entertaining. It is hard to keep up with who said the latest stupid thing. They all try so hard to grab the spotlight. They know by being more ignorant than the other guy (which is not an easy task) the media will come. It fills me with joy knowing the election is far away and we have lots more of this to come. I am lovin it.

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