Thursday, July 30, 2015

Selectively Blaming One Group While Ignoring All The Other Facts........

This propaganda has been floating around on Facebook.
At first I was just going to ignore it but since I keep seeing it (and it bugs me) I will respond to it.
The first thing I notice when I review this list are some glaring omissions. I can’t help but wonder why that is…….
1) Where is the Oklahoma City Bombing on this list? Prior to 9/11 that was the biggest terrorist attack in US history. It killed 168 people. It was done by two white American Citizens. There was no Muslim involved. Perhaps that is why it is not on this propaganda list.
2) Where is the Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing on this list? A bomb set off in a crowded park at an international event. 2 people killed. 100 people injured. Again by a white American Citizen. Again no Muslim involved. Again not included on this list.
3) Where are the 2001 Anthrax attacks on this list? A biological weapon mailed to the United States Congress. 6 people murdered. 17 people sickened. Done by another white American citizen. No Muslim involved. Again not included on this list.
4) Where is the Unabomber on this list? Mailed explosive packages terrorizing many people for many years. He murdered 3 people and injured 23 others. A nice White American Citizen. No Muslims involved.
5) Why do I not see Ortega Hernandez on this list of terror attacks? You don’t know who I am talking about do you? Google him. He stood outside the white house, with an assault rifle, and fired 8 bullets towards the building. He caused $100,000.00 in damage and is sitting in jail for the next 20+ years. If he was Muslim he would be on the list. Since he is an American he gets left off.
6) Why is Francisco Martin Duran not on this list. He fired 29 shots through the White House Gate (with an assault rifle) in 1994 trying to assassinate President Clinton. He is serving 40 years in Jail. I do not see him on this list either.
It is funny because this list contains the underwear bomber who killed nobody. Yet it leaves off Adam Lanza who killed 26 people. If Adam did the exact same thing (but was Muslim) he would have made the list too.
This list contains the shoe bomber who also killed nobody…… but left off the movie theater massacre that killed 12 people and injured 70. I guess that event wasn’t terrorizing enough.
Was Ted Bundy a Muslim? Was Jeffrey Dahmer a Muslim? Was the Hillside Strangler a Muslim? Is Charles Manson a Muslim?
In the last 100 years who is responsible for killing more innocent people……The Germans or the Muslims? I will give you a hint…..It is not the Muslims.
In the last 100 years who is responsible for killing more innocent people…..The Japanese or the Muslims? I will give you a hint….It is not the Muslims.
If you added up all the people who were killed in the terrorist attacks listed here, and you compared that number to all the innocent people Joseph Stalin Murdered it wouldn’t even be a contest.
In 2001 the FBI named the ELF (Earth Liberations Front) the greatest terrorist threat to the United States. Oh and they are not Muslim either. This group has burned lots of buildings all because they are trying to protect the environment. 60 Minutes took notice and did a story on them in 2005. Obviously the person who created this propaganda was watching a different channel. I see no mention of the ELF (or any of their many attacks) on this list.
We can all see what we want to see…… and ignore what we want to ignore……But none of that selective vision changes reality. The reality is there are lots of people, creating lots of problems, and they are not all Muslim.

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