Thursday, August 3, 2017

Smart Wall....Virtual Wall....Waste Of Money....

You don’t need to build a real wall………
You can build a "smart wall".
Give a Billion dollars to corporate American and they will give you all kinds of shiny beads and sparkling glitter.
You will love it.
Don’t build a real wall. Real walls are bad. Real walls are expensive. Build an imaginary wall…..It will save you money (chuckle…chuckle)
They really just think you are a dumb azz. They think you don’t remember that we already played this Billion dollar game.
The year was 2005. George W Bush promised a wall. Boeing talked him into making much of it a “virtual wall”.
It would be just as effective as a real wall and cheaper too. (It is hard to hold in the laughing).
It would have cameras and sensors and blah…blah….blah… would be fantastic.
6 years later (and a Billion Dollars gone) it was cancelled as a complete failure. It didn’t work. It wasn’t cheaper. It did nothing to stop illegal immigration.
So here we are 6 years later (again) and they want to do it all over again.
Smart wall…..Yayyyyy!
How about NO!
Build a wall or don’t build a wall……. I could care less. But stop wasting money on stupid sh*t.

In 2011 Virtual Wall being cancelled.

Write your congressmen and tell them you are not an idiot. You are not falling for this a second time.

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