Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tom Cruise Is Barry Seal.....

Tom Cruise has a new movie coming out in Sept called “American made”.
It is the story of Barry Seal.
Barry Seal was the biggest Cocaine trafficker in the 1980’s.
But that is not the interesting part of the story.
Barry Seal trafficked Cocaine for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
But that is not the interesting part of the story either.
Barry Seal flew the Cocaine into the United States by landing on an airstrip in Mena Arkansas. Arkansas was led by then Governor Bill Clinton.
The CIA operation to fly Cocaine into the United States was overseen by then Vice President George HW Bush (Former director of the CIA).
Vice President Bush was running Reagans task force on International drug smuggling.
Oh the Irony……
Why does the CIA traffic Cocaine? Because the CIA does illegal things. It is hard to get congress to approve (and fund) illegal things.
In order to avoid congress (and all oversight) the CIA finds alternative revenue streams.
Selling Cocaine provides great revenue. Barry Seal flew 1 Billion dollars worth of Cocaine into Mena.
The CIA also makes money by trafficked illegal weapons.
In the 80’s those illegal weapons were manufactured at CIA front companies in Bill Clintons Arkansas. They were made with no serial numbers and shipped to the Contras.
People who got too close to the Mena operation ended up dead. Governor Clinton helped cover it all up.
In return the CIA helped Bill Clinton rise all the way from piss ant Arkansas to the White House.
The money from the Barry Seal cocaine was used to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. It was also used to buy weapons for Iran. Both those activities (Supplying weapons to the Contras and Iran) were illegal.
It was Barry Seals plane that ended up blowing the cover on what you know of as Iran Contra. That scandal almost toppled the Reagan presidency.
This Tom Cruise movie was originally titled “Mena” and was supposed to come out last year.
With Hillary (and Jeb) running for President it was decided not to remind the voters just how corrupt the Clintons (and Bushes) really are.
You can’t mention a scandal in the last 50 years that doesn’t have George HW Bush’s finger prints nearby.
So they ended up changing the name of the movie and delaying its release till after the election. In the end it didn’t matter....Hillary was doomed.
As for Barry Seal (Depending on which story you believe) he ended up getting himself murdered. Some say it was the drug cartels. Some say it was George Bush and the CIA. George Bushes personal phone number was found in Seals wallet when he was assassinated. But that is nothing you need to know about.
We will see how much of this story is actually told by Mr. Cruz. My guess is it will be a real sanitized. It will be full of crazy drug smuggling adventures with very little about how the upper echelons of the US Government actually work.
In the 1992 presidential election there was one reporter who had the gutz to ask Bill Clinton about the corrupt CIA activities taking place in Mena.
Here you can see Bills lying denial.
Generally it is not a good idea to admit you helped run Cocaine into the United States if you want to win an election.
Enjoy the movie.

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