Friday, July 7, 2017

Electrified Crowds For Trump In Poland....

“Buoyed by an electrified crowd of thousands in Poland chanting his name, Trump sought to show he wasn’t overlooking Russian actions”….
“electrified crowd of thousands chanting his name”
How can that be?
Everyone hates Trump. The entire world hates trump. The American standing in the world has taken a hit because of Trump. I know that is true because I read it in the news every day.
So which is the fake news?
Everyone hates Trump…… or……. electrified crowd of thousands chanting his name?
If the chanting crowds are true that must be devastating to the media machine that has spent years producing negative story after negative story.
93% negative and the result is still a victorious election and “electrified crowds”......
The editorial staff at CNN must just be sitting with their head in their hands all distraught.
When Obama had electrified crowds they would show pictures of Obama with the large crowds.
When Trump has large crowds there are no such pictures. Only if the crowd is tiny does that make the news. Large cheering crowds are all but ignored.
Go to CNN and see for yourself........ No pictures or stories about large cheering crowds.

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