Sunday, July 2, 2017

CIA Role In Overthrowing Iran.

The CIA'a role in overthrowing the Iranian government in 1953.
This led to the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
That led to many of the current issues we are still dealing with in the Middle East today.
The USA denied its role for decades. Obama delayed releasing this specific information. Trump expedited the release. I am sure the CIA is not happy with Donalds decision. But they hate Donald anyway so he doesn't really care.
If you look for this story on the CIA controlled mainstream media you will not find it.
The CIA does not want you to know about this story.
The CIA would prefer you focus on Mika Brzezinski VS Donald Trump. That is super (duper) wicked important and you need to really focus on that.
The CIA controlled media is only too happy to provide you wall to wall coverage including all the round table discussions you could possibly want. Please enjoy.
Do not read any secondary news outlets that might let you in on things that you don't really need to concern yourself with.
Please concentrate.......Mika said this. Donald said that. Very very important stuff.
Perfectly distracts you from the details of the CIA overthrowing governments around the world and then lying about it.

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