Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fukushima Cover up Continues.....

The Tsunami hit Japan.
The US Navy responded to help.
Fukushima began to melt down.
The Japanese government failed to warn the Americans.
An entire US battle group was doused with radiation. Today hundreds of sailors are sick and dying with cancers.
The US Government is covering the entire situation up.
The US Media (which is controlled by the government) is helping to cover the whole story up.
That is why you do not see this story on CNN. Or CBS. Or NBC. Or NY Times. Or anywhere in the main stream US Media.
It is a tragedy and a cover up all rolled into one.
If you want to know about the USS Ronald Reagan lawsuit you need to read the British media. They cover it.
Or you can read the Russian media. They also cover it.
Or you can even read the Japanese media. Even they cover it.
The US Media.....Sorry not covering that real news.
Fake news......Fake news the US media will cover all day (everyday) for months and months.
Actual news.....Real news......Things that are actually really happening in real life. Yeah....sorry not covering it.
According to the US government the USS Ronald Reagan did not get doused with dangerous levels of radiation.
According to them there is nothing dangerous about being 1 mile offshore of 3 nuclear reactors simultaneously melting down. that is completely safe.
Sure the Reagan raced to get away from Japan. Sure 100 miles out to sea the Reagan was still getting doused with waves of radiation. Sure no country would allow the Reagan to dock because it was too radioactive.
But if the US Government admitted all that then it would be tough to explain why the USS Ronald Reagan is still in active service today.
Tough to explain why thousands of young sailors have no idea the toxic environment they are currently living in.
I mean the US Government is not going to just trash a 4 Billion dollar warship with 40 more years of service in front of it.
They did refurbish it though after Fukushima. I am sure they painted everything in lead paint. But is it safe? My guess would be NO!
Plus the US Government wants to protect Japan. Just like the us government wanted to protect Saudi Arabia when victims of 9/11 wanted to sue.
Regardless today sailors of the Fukushima mission are suing and despite their many obstacles (from our own government and the US media blackout) the lawsuit is moving forward.
Now go read the British press so you can get up to speed.

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