Wednesday, June 14, 2017

America Falling Behind....Just like I said.....Over and over and over.

Americas military didn't lose its competitive advantages because of a lack of spending.
The US spends more on military than every other country on Earth.
We do that year after year.
America lost its competitive advantage because we spent the last 4 decades sending all our technology, and all our factories, and all our jobs to Communist Red China.
The whole time that was being done I sat here and told you that is really f*cking stupid idea. REALLY REALLY stupid!!!!!
Then we let corporate America convince us to put all our eggs in really poor technologies like the F-35 and the USS Gerald Ford.
We have no plan B.
Now after decades everyone is realizing what I have been saying and the genius generals are starting to freak out.
Now they sit in Congress and say ummmm We might be in some trouble here.
Haven't I been saying that? Were you listening when I said that? How about when I said it over and over and over and over. Were you listening then?
No you weren't listening and now the country has a big problem.
Spending lots more money isn't going to fix it either.

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