Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trump Coverage....93% Negative.

In case you have been living under a rock and didn’t know the Corporate CIA controlled media is on a mission to destroy Trump……Harvard looked into it.
The news media is absurdly slanted to the negative.
Remember this is Trumps Honeymoon when he is still being given the benefit of the doubt.
Wait till the honeymoon is over and the Media starts getting really mean.
Compared to.....
You remember Obama. He oversaw the birth of ISIS. He oversaw Chemical attacks in Syria…..and did nothing. He over threw Libya and created a refugee disaster still happening today. Dead 3 year olds washed up on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea. He approved spying on all Americans. He prosecuted whistle blowers. He said he would close Gitmo but never did. Yet he still got lots of positive headlines. He is part of the establishment so it was all good.
You remember Bush…..He started a war based on lies. That country collapsed into chaos which is still going on today. Hundreds of Thousands of people got killed. Trillions of dollars wasted. Yet he still got some positive headlines. He is part of the establishment so it was all good.
Clinton = 60% NEGATIVE. 40% POSITIVE.
You remember Clinton. He deregulated the power companies which made way for the biggest bankruptcy in US History..... Enron. He deregulated the banks which led to the biggest economic disaster in the last 75 years which you got to bail out. That led to even bigger bankruptcy....lehman. He watched over Bin Laden as he got stronger and stronger and did nothing about it. In his spare time he rented out the lincoln bedroom......turned over nuclear secrets and us jobs to the communist chinese and still had time to chase interns around the oval office. He got positive headlines too. He is part of the establishment so it was all good.
Trump hasn’t done anything yet and it is absurdly negative all day and all night. The media wonders why everyone calls them fake and has moved to alternative sources of news. Gee….Wonder why.


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