Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Obama Won't Get Off The Stage......

During the transition we were told the United States only has one president at a time and Trump shouldn’t do anything until after he is actually the President.
Now that Obama is no longer President he is still going around meeting world leaders and spouting off about his rejected ideologies.
The man just can’t get off the stage.
Voters in Britain went to the polls and rejected globalization.
Voters in America went to the polls and also rejected globalization.
Yet Obama is still peddling his snake oil.
It is not the Globalization hasn’t been tried. We did it. It was terrible.
A couple of Billionaires got all the money while Hundreds of Millions of average people got stepped on.
The voters spoke loud and clear. We are not doing that anymore.
Now Obama should go away. Go hang out on wall street making his speeches and collecting his hundreds of thousands of dollars.
All the speech money is why he is still in full sales mode. The money is not for the speech it is for the continued sales job.


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