Monday, May 1, 2017

Republican Control Everything....Democrats still Win

If you support Trump you say look….See….Trump can compromise. He is not the irrational monster everyone makes him out to be.
If you hate Trump then you say…… see…..Trump blinked. Trump is weak. He can’t lead anything.
Regardless it looks like the Democrats (despite being in the minority) got everything they wanted.
Republicans got very little.
Trump did NOT get money for his wall.
Planned Parenthood will NOT be cut.
Obamacare subsidies will remain.
Funding for the National Institute of health was increased.
Increased funding for science and clean energy is included.
Miners got better health insurance.
More Money to deal with the Opioid epidemic.
More money for Student loans.
Republicans got more money for the military. That is it.

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