Friday, April 14, 2017

Britain Did Spy On Trump.....Shocking I Know.

Judge Napolitano went on Fox News and said the British spied on Trump and turned it over to Obama.
Trump repeated it.
Napolitano got slammed (and fired).
Trump got slammed and ridiculed. He was accused of creating an international incident.
Here (Once again) we see it was totally true.
The British did spy on Trump. The British did turn it over to Obama.
All true.
See the US government cannot legally spy on US Citizens........ but the British government can, as they are not bound by US law.
So the British spy for the Americans and the Americans spy for the British. Keeps everyone happy and legal and spied on.
Spying on Trump is ALWAYS played off as "incidental". We weren't spying on you.......We were spying on the guy next to you. We just happened to hear everything you said. Hey that happens.
Nobody ever apologizes to Trump.
When Trump says it happened (and everyone bashes him) it is the biggest story across the main stream news media.
When it turns out to be totally true it is a tiny story on the side bar of CNN. Most people would never even click on the story because it looks obscure and boring.
This right her is why Trump HATES the media. Because they are completely unfair and dishonest.

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