Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Mother Of All Bombs.....

Are you listening Kim Jong Un? That bomb was meant to get your attention.
There is no reason on Earth that bomb needed to be dropped in Afghanistan. None.
That 21,600lb bomb was designed to take out the Iranian Nuclear program hidden deep underground.
Iran was allowed to keep their nuclear program and these bombs have been collecting dust.
Trump doesn't like dusty bombs especially when North Korea is about to test another Nuclear devise .
China is concerned. China is telling North Korea not to do it.
China is so concerned they sent 150,000 troops to the North Korean border. China understands that Kim Jong Un is bat shit crazy and Donald Trump is bat shit crazy and they each have really big bombs.
When all hell breaks loose on the Korean Peninsula millions of North Koreans are going to flee to the Chinese border. China does not want that and are trying (for the first time) to reign in crazy Kim jong.
Meanwhile Trump has an aircraft carrier battle group headed to the Korean coast.
Todays ground shaking MOAB demonstration will hopefully remind Kim Jong that his hidden weapons can still be destroyed.
It is a dangerous game of chicken being played and we will see who blinks. Somebody better blink soon or a lot of people are going to get killed.

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