Sunday, March 19, 2017

60 Minutes FINALLY Doing The H1B Story.....

60 minutes FINALLY doing a story on H1B visas replacing US Workers.
US workers get fired. Indian workers replace them.
This same story could have been run 15 years ago and it would have been the exact same story. But it wasn't run back then because firing American workers 15 years ago had no repercussions.
But today firing American workers has lots of repercussions. Today firing US workers has led to Donald Trump.
They told you the foreign workers were here because American workers were not qualified. They are filthy liars.
See you can only kick US workers in the teeth so many times before they stand up and yell F*CK YOU!!!!!
Well Donald Trump is the giant "F*ck You" that American workers have yelled. If you don't like Donald then you should blame corporate America.
You have Donald today as a direct result of Corporate America firing US workers.

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