Sunday, March 5, 2017

Conspiracy Theory Or Not A Conspiracy Theory....Depends On Your Side.

When the Washington establishment spends months (and months and months) claiming Trump is in bed with the Russians ...........This is NOT a conspiracy theory. This is legit. Accusing the President of the United States of Treasonous activities is completely fine. Even though there is no evidence of any kind (anywhere) proving this........That does not matter. Keep talking about it. Keep looking for proof.....
When Trump claims Obama wire tapped his campaign.......This IS a total conspiracy theory. This is NOT legit. Accusing the former President of the United States of corrupt activities is so completely NOT OK. For this evidence is needed right now. Everyone should stop talking about it and move on.
Why would anyone think Obama spies on people...... Not like Edward Snowden is living in Russia because he told everyone Obama spies on EVERYONE. Oh wait.....
Remember when Obama was tapping the cell phone of Germany's Angela Merkel. Merkel is a friend of Obamas. Germany is an ally of the United States. Germany is a member of NATO. Regardless Obama was listening to all her phone calls.
So if he was doing that to someone he likes why would it be so hard to believe he was doing it to (or authorized others) to do it to Trump. He hates Trump. Everyone hates Trump. Of course Trumps phones were tapped. It would be a news story if his phones were not tapped.

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