Sunday, March 5, 2017

Don't Expect A Smoking Gun....

Don't expect a smoking gun. Or any evidence of any kind. Because there is none.
This is all just political theater. You can go watch Hamilton on Broadway.....Or you could watch this. Same difference. Theater. There is acting. There is exaggeration. There are optical illusions. It is all fun to watch.
See.....It is not a crime to hold a meeting with the Ambassador to the United States from Russia.....Or any other country. That is why the ambassador is here. That is his job. It goes on all the time and it is never a side show. Until Trump arrives.
Now if you put Russian dressing on your salad..... watch out.....You are in so much trouble.
Anyway enjoy the hysteria (and your salad) but (again) don't expect a smoking gun..... because none is coming. Not ever!

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