Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Obama Set The Bar High.....

Hundreds of people.......HUNDREDS!!!!!!
Let's get everyone all riled up about hundreds of people. (hundreds with an H)
Remember when Barack Obama deported 2.5 million people. Remember that? 2.5 million (million with an M)
Let's do the math. 2.5 million ÷ 8 years ÷ 12 months comes out to 26,041 people a month. Every month.
What Trump is doing is amateur hour compared to what Obama did.
If you dont like people being deported this is an improvement. People should be thrilled.
Yet you would never know the reality by reading the hysteria in the news.
And remember...... when Obama was running 26,000 people out of the country (every month) nobody cared. Nobody. No headlines. No outrage. No protests. NOTHING!!!!!
With Obama it was all love all the time. But enough about that. You get back to being outraged.

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