Saturday, February 4, 2017

Donald bought 90 More F-35's.....Why?

Oh Donald……This is not what you were supposed to do.
You were NOT supposed to buy 90 more planes. You were supposed to cancel the program.
Fine….. you saved some money on the 90 planes. Yippee.
That doesn’t change the fact that the planes suck. From front to back. From top to bottom. These planes are sh*t. They don’t work. They aren’t reliable.
Even if they were reliable (and functioning at 100%) they still suck. They are slow. They are not maneuverable. They have never seen a day in action (ever) nor will they...... because…..say it with me……THEY SUCK.
Stop sinking money into this bottomless pit. Cancel the program and build a new plane that doesn’t suck. Build it with two engines. Build it without all the gimmicks which all don’t work.

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