Friday, February 3, 2017

Trumps Deregulation....Bad Idea.....

This is the stuff I cannot support.
Deregulation is ALWAYS a bad idea. There isn't ever a time when deregulation isn't a bad idea.
We know it is a bad idea because it has already been done. We already know what happens when you take away all the rules and let greed do its thing. We don't need to guess because we lived it.
Millions of people get ripped off. Trillions of dollars is lost (stolen) and the tax payer is left bailing out the super rich idiots who created the disaster.
All the politicians (who empowered the catastrophe) shrug their shoulders and insist they don't know how this could have happened.
Nobody goes to jail, or is held accountable, because no laws were broken, because no laws exist, because everything is deregulated.
Now we are supposed to be excited to do it all over again. No thanks. Bad (BAD) idea.

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