Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump Is Making India Worried.....

For years Indian workers have been allowed to steal American workers jobs at will.
Either the US jobs went to India.
Or the Indian worker came to the United States.
In either case the US workers was out of a job.
The Indian worker was employed at much lower wages.
Indians won. US Corporations won. US workers lost.
That is always the common denominator. US Workers losing. Wages getting driven down. Standard of livings falling. And……Nobody caring....
Republicans didn’t care. Democrats didn’t care. Nobody cared. Except Bernie Sanders.
India made millions and millions of dollars making American workers unemployed. It has been a booming industry.
Now Trump is about to (hopefully) make big changes.
Changes to protect the American worker. An unheard of practice but one that is long overdue.
India is in full freak out mode. The US Government might no longer look after the best interests of India (and corporations) and might finally start looking after the best interests of Americans.
If you support Americans having jobs this is a good thing. If you support American wages going up this is also good thing.
Now he just needs to do it.


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