Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump Keeps His Word On TPP.

His first executive action will be a Grand Slam Home Run.
Withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership. Beautiful.
If you are an American Worker this is a BIG victory for you. Congrats. Go hug your neighbor. Go wipe your tears.
You have a president who did something that won’t totally screw you over for years to come. Trump just did what Hillary said she would have done. Of course Hillary wouldn’t have actually done it…….but Trump did. See the difference?
President Obama worked very hard on the TPP. He was thrilled with the idea of more American jobs fleeing the United States at a rapid rate.
But Trump just chiseled the TPP tombstone. Exactly what he told you he would do. They will be writing about this event in history books for years to come. That time a president didn’t actively screw over his own working people. Astonishing.

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