Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump Renegotiating NAFTA....Just Like He Said He Would.

Trump doing what he said he was going to do.

I know this behavior will be very confusing for many people.  A candidate says something.  Everyone votes for him because of what he said. Then that candidate wins and actually does what he says.  

It is really a crazy thing but Trump did tell you he was going to be different, and here he is being different.

While the media has been wasting the last two days talking about "there were this many people at his inauguration".  "No Trump said there were that many people there".  "No really there weren't that many".  "But wait.... there were that many"  ......"No there weren't that many..........

Meanwhile there are real actual things going on and most of the media is just missing it.  More important to cover complete nonsense for 48 straight hours than to actually report on important things going on.

If you are wondering if renegotiating NAFTA is a good idea. please remember.....Bernie Sanders said NAFTA is terrible.  Hillary Clinton said NAFTA is terrible (after she supported it).  Barack Obama said he would renegotiate NAFTA in 2008.  Then he didn't.  Obama lied.

The difference between Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, And Barack Obama and Donald Trump is Trump is actually doing something about the problem.  

Don't hurt yourself trying to remember the last politician who did what they said they would do.  It is not worth straining yourself over that exercise.  

The important thing is Trump is working on the issue now (Day 3) and that is great.

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