Sunday, January 15, 2017

F-35....Hundreds Of Problems.....Still......

President Trump should take the oath of office and then do a bee line to the oval office where his first act as president should be to cancel the F-35.
He should then go on national tv and declare the end to our long national nightmare (and tax payer theft) that has been allowed to go on for the last 17+ years.
Then he should go to his inaugural parties.
"HUNDREDS" of deficiencies.......STILL.
That is what you get from the most expensive weapons program in history (in year 17).
The F-35C sole purpose is to be able to take off and land on an air craft carrier.
Taking off and landing on carriers has been done sucessfully by the united states for many (many) decades.
The F-35 fails the most basic parts of that effort.
In 2012 the tail hook needed to be redesigned because it was too close to the rear wheels.
The wheels pushed the wire down and the hook could not grab the wire.
If the hook can't grab the wire then the plane can't land. This is basic sh*t. Any first year engineering student (who skipped half his classes because he was drunk) could have gotten the hook design right. But the Lockheed folks still f*cked it up.
Now 5 years after that debacle we learn the front landing gear may need to be redesigned too. The landing gear bounces up and down with such force the pilots can't handle it.
Of course this wasn't discovered in year 1, or 2 or 3 or 6 or 8 or 11, or sir.......year 17. That is when they discover this most basic function of the most expensive plane in world history is completely wrong.
CANCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!APOLOGIZE........MOVE ON.....

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