Monday, January 2, 2017

Trump Doesn't Trust Computers....Trump Is Smart.

Trump thinks no computers are safe from hackers........
Trump is 100% correct. No computers are safe from hackers.
That is because most computers are made in Communist Red China........ and Communist Red China puts spy software inside of their (your) computers right from the factory.
Lenovo has been caught doing this many (many) times. If you own a Lenovo Computer the Communist Chinese are spying on you.
US Spy agencies ALSO intercept new computers from the factory. They intercept them...... they open them....... and they place their spy software in all new computers.
Are you using a computer? Then you are being spied on.
Everyone is hyperventilating about the Russians....It is not just the Russians you should be worried about. It is the Chinese and the Americans.......And the corporations too.
Everyone is spying on you all the time. On your phone..... On your computer....On your new microphone (google or Amazon) devise that you placed in your living room that allows them to listen in on you 24/7/365. They are all watching, and listening, and tracking.
If you don't like that you need to stop using electronics. That is the only answer.
Everyone was amazed that that Stuxnet virus was so successful finding a very specific computer in Iran. How could they do that??????
The reality is the stuxnet virus was probably placed in every thumb drive ever produced (for years) before it successfully found the computer it was looking for. It was just a matter of time.
When the spying starts at the factory (or shortly thereafter) spying is real easy.
If Trump refuses to use a computer (Made in Communist Red China) that will piss off a lot of spy agencies, in a lot of countries. But it is a real smart move. That is the only way he can protect himself.
That is what you get when you send all the electronics manufacturing overseas to a Communist dicatorship.
Here is Lenovo adding security flaws to their computers again and again and again.....
Here is the NSA adding spyware to all kinds of computer hardware to spy.....spy......spy........
Good luck protecting yourself.

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