Saturday, December 31, 2016

Russia Hacking The DNC....Only Wikileaks says it wasn't them.

So Obama's punishment for Russia "meddling" in the US election is 35 diplomats have to leave the USA and two Russian country clubs (In the USA) are being closed.  

That is it......If you interfere with US democracy (What John McCain called an "act of war") Russians will no longer be able to play tennis in the USA.  

Wow that will teach them a lesson.

It is funny how after the election we were told Russia hacked the results in certain states.  No  proof was provided and (since that early declaration) no mention of Russia hacking (the results) have been further discussed.  

Today they are only talking about Russia hacking emails at the DNC.  

You remember....... the emails that let you know just how shady and dishonest Hillary was.  Email after email of Hillary dishonesty.  How she screwed over Bernie Sanders.  How she cheated in the debates.  How she funneled money and favors from her family foundation.  It was all there.

Russia says they didn't do it.  Wikileaks says the Russians didn't do it.  Obama has provided no proof Russia did do it.  

Now the punishment for supposedly doing it is a total joke.  Almost like Obama knows they didn't really do it but he needs to do something.

Wikileaks said not only did Russia not do the hacking but it wasn't a hack at all.  They insist it was a leak from inside the DNC.  

Wikileaks is the only institution that tells you the truth.  They have not lied to you on any issue.  

You remember last summer when the information started to leak out (from the DNC) and then DNC employee (Seth Rich) was gunned down and died.  You remember they called it a "robbery" but nothing was stolen.  Not his watch.  Not his phone.  Not his wallet.  Nothing.  

Yet he had two bullet holes in his back and was left for dead.  Then Julian Assange came out and offered $20,000.00 for a reward for Seth's murder.  Julian stated people who leak information to Wikileaks put their lives in danger.  The proof was the dead body lying on the street in DC.

Then suddenly the Democrats started blaming Putin for everything.  They are still blaming him to this day.  Blaming him and providing no proof of anything followed by a pathetic punishment.

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