Thursday, December 29, 2016

Putin Schooling Obama On World Stage.....

When the world wants to get stuff done the first priority is to keep Obama out of it.
The United States used to lead the world.
Perhaps that will be true again in the future but as of now the only thing Obama does is get in the way.
Turkey and Russia achieve a cease fire. Barack Obama sits on the sideline (with John Kerry) accomplishing nothing.
Vladimir Putin -1 Barack Obama -0
When you list Obamas foreign policy accomplishments the list is pretty short.
His list of failures goes on and on.
Russia and Turkey announced they’ve brokered a cease-fire agreement in Syria that they hope will pave the way to a peace settlement ending the nation’s civil war, seizing the initiative from the U.S. after years of failed diplomacy.
“A very great deal of work was done together with our partners from Turkey,” President Vladimir Putin said at a televised meeting Thursday with his foreign and defense ministers. The accord is something we’ve “been waiting a long time for,” he said.
The deal sidelines the U.S., which had led peace efforts without success for years, most recently when a similar cease-fire negotiated with Russia collapsed after only a week in September. Russia said the U.S. may join the accord once Donald Trump takes office as president in January.

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