Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hillary's Excuses....They keep coming....

Excuses…..Excuses….Excuses………Hillary Clinton........ the poor victim.
It is everyone else's fault that Hillary Clinton lost. It is the Russians fault. It is the FBI’s fault. It is the Racists fault. Everyone except Hillary Clinton is responsible the failure of Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton lost because Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Because Hillary Clinton is shady. Because Hillary Clinton could give a sh*t about average people who USED to vote for Democrats..... until they realized the Democrats don’t really care about them at all.
Hillary Clinton out spent trump by millions and millions and millions of dollars. She lost because she refused to hold a press conference. She lost because she refused to tell the voters the truth about her Wall Street speeches. She lost because her whole life she supported free trade agreements that cost millions of workers their jobs. She lost because she got incredibly rich selling influence at the highest levels of the US government. Then she hid her dealings through her use of private email. She lost because Hillary and her corrupt Democratic party cheated and screwed over Bernie Sanders.
At the end of the day the American voters (in the states that counted) saw Hillary for what she is….A dishonest fraud.


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