Sunday, December 11, 2016

Russia Hacked The Election.....You don't say.....

The President wants an investigation of Russia hacking the election.
The Congress wants an investigation of Russia hacking the election.
The CIA said Russia hacked the election.
On October 19th CNN published the story "No, the presidential election can't be hacked" all about how the presidential election can't be hacked.
I Posted and trashed that story. I said....Of course the Presidential election COULD be hacked. This was CNN Fake news at its finest.
On October 19th Hillary was going to win the election. Questioning the US election system when Hillary was definitely going to win was a big no no. US Elections are a beautiful thing and should never be questioned.
Then Trump won and now EVERYONE wants to know how Russia did it.
The United States spends TRILLIONS on US National Security and it fails to secure democracy at its most basic level. Russia hacking US elections is not a Russian problem it is an American problem. We are the dumb asses with the stupidest election system around.
In 2000 Bush vs Gore our election system was the laughing stock of the world. 16 years later nothing has is still a complete joke.
We spend and spend and spend and spend and accomplish nothing. The email you sent last week the government can track along with everything else you do all day long. Make a phone call and the government can track it. But our election system that Russia hacks nobody knows nothing about nothing. It is embarrassing.

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