Friday, December 16, 2016

Obama's Empty Threats Towards Putin....

I am sure Putin is quaking in his boots.

Vladimir Putin has beaten Barack Obama like a drum on the world stage.  

In 40+ days Obama will be gone and Putin will still be there.

When Obama arrived in 2008 he was the most powerful man in the universe.  He had Democrats in control of the Senate.  He had Democrats in control of the House.  He was beloved everywhere he went.  

When he limps out of office next month Democrats are now an endangered species.  High School kids will have to Google "What is a Democrat" because they won't see any in real life.

Watching Putin Play with Obama is like watching a cat play with a mouse.  Obama keeps wondering where the cat claw (bashing him in the head) is coming from.

Putin wanted to murder his adversaries.  He murdered them.  
Putin wanted to invade his neighbors.  He invaded.  
Putin wanted to shoot down a passenger plane full of people.  He shot it down.  
Putin wanted to take over the entire situation in Syria.  He took it over.   
Putin wanted to Buzz US Naval ships..... he buzzed them.  
Putin wanted to fly Nuclear Bombers off the coast of the US.....He Flew them.  

Every single thing Putin has wanted to do he has done with Impunity.  All while Obama looked on completely powerless to do anything.

Next Month Putin's best Friends Trump and Tillerson take over....You can be sure no punishment is coming to Putin.  

Hopefully Obama won't hear Putin giggling as Barack heads to the exit.

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