Monday, December 12, 2016


Hillary Clinton and The CIA working to Steal the Election.  

The CIA overthrows governments all over the world.  They have done it many (many) times.  They are real good at it.  

Is that what they are attempting to do here?

The CIA says Russia hacked the election for Trump.  Trump says that is ridiculous.

What we need now is EVIDENCE.  We have seen no evidence.  

If the CIA has evidence that Russia hacked the election then they need to hold a press conference and show everyone what that evidence is. Everyone would love to see it.  

What was hacked?  Where was it hacked?  What was the result?  How widespread was it?  Where did it come from?  

Details....Details......There are no details.

A few years ago US intelligence accused Communist Red China of Hacking US companies and they provided the exact address in China where the hacking originated from.  That building was owned by the Chinese Military.

Today we hear all the accusations but have seen no evidence.....Everyone needs to stop talking and put their cards on the table.  

It is clear the CIA doesn't like Trump.  It is clear Trump doesn't like the CIA.......... BUT NOBODY is providing any proof of anything.

If no proof is going to be provided then everyone needs to move on.

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