Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fukushima.....The Radiation is there....But It Is Fine.....Eat Up.

“scientists have turned to crowdfunding to measure the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster because federal agencies are not funding research on ocean radioactive studies stemming from the 2011 event.”
That is right……Your government…..Led by Barack Obama……The man who promised the most open government in history………(But then delivered the most closed (secretive) government in history) doesn’t want you to know how much radiation is in the water. It is none of your business. Just buy the fish….Eat the fish……And shut your mouth.
If the government doesn't study the radiation, than they do not have to report the radiation. If none of that happens it must not be there. Close your eyes and think happy thoughts.
Obama has been covering up Fukushima since 2011. He doesn’t want it discussed. He doesn’t want it studied. He just wants you to ignore the topic and move on.
Three Nuclear Power Plants melted down simultaneously and sent record amounts of radiation into the ocean…….. which is still happening to this day. There is nothing to see here…..Move on.
For the first time, seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has been detected on the West Coast of the United States.
The levels are very low and shouldn't harm people eating fish from the West Coast or swimming in the ocean (The fish is delicious…..Eat it up.)
Cesium-134, the so-called fingerprint of Fukushima, was measured in seawater samples taken from Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach in Oregon,
Celsium-134 was also detected in a Canadian salmon.
If it was up to Barack Obama you wouldn’t know any of that information. He is going to be very upset that somebody told you.
First Snowden told you stuff Obama didn’t want you to know. Then Assange told you stuff Obama didn’t want you to know. Now Private scientists are telling you stuff Obama doesn’t want you to know. You are supposed to remain stupid…..jeez. It must be maddening for Obama.

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