Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Russia...And Turkey.....No Obama.

Barack Obamas failed foreign policy……..One more time.
Putin does it again. Turkey WAS a US ally. Turkey IS an important member of NATO.
Obama screwed up the relationship (as he always does) and Putin swooped in.
Now Putin and Turkey are snuggling on the couch (sharing popcorn) and Obama is looking in the window wondering why he wasn’t invited.
Putin is the master of taking Obamas blunders and using them against him.
Just a few months ago Russia and Turkey were at odds. Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane. Russia accused Turkey of smuggling ISIS oil across the Turkey border.
Then one day both countries realized they hate Obama more than they hate each other. Now they are quickly becoming friends and Obama is completely cut out of the picture.
See…..Turkey had a coup and Obama didn’t show much support for the Turkey government. The guy who is responsible for the Coup (according to Turkey) is in the United States. Obama refuses to hand him over.
Now Turkey hates Obama……… and Putin hates Obama……….. and Everyone hates Obama.
Putin making Obama look stupid……It is like a daily activity.

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