Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Apple Ready to Manufacture in India....

Apple ready to help the economy.......Of India.
We are told you can't have protectionism.....But India has protectionism. Their economy grows 7% (which is a disappointment).
In the USA we don't have protectionism and our economy grows 1%.
The undisputed winner = Protectionism.
President Trump should pass a law....If you want to sell Iphones (or anything else) in the United States then they need to be made in the United States.
Then we would be on an equal playing field.
We are told it is a global economy but Apple is currently only selling iphones to 2% of the people in India. Yeah sure..... that 2% market really helped establish Apple as the most profitable company in the world. Make sure you send them a factory soon to thank them.


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