Saturday, January 7, 2017

US Intelligence Report is Out......Still No Evidence.

So the intelligence report on Russia "Meddling" (used to be hacking, except they didn't hack the election, so hacking has been replaced by meddling) has been released.
Go read it. You will see 25 pages of conclusions and still no evidence.
When the report on Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11 was released it contained page after page of evidence. Specific people were named. This person met with that person who was in the Royal family and that person had a meeting with the hijacker. That meeting took place on this date at this location. EVIDENCE.
The head of US National intelligence (James Clapper) went to congress on Thursday and confirmed Russia did NOT change any vote totals. So the election results were not affected by Russia.
What is being accused (now) is a propaganda campaign. That is based on Russia's RT News service running negative stories on Hillary Clinton.
Those negative stories are the same negative stories run in every newspaper on the planet. RT news said Hillary was sick. Well.....Hillary was sick. She collapsed. She had pneumonia. This is not propaganda, this is reality.
RT New tried to influence the US election by saying the two party system was not Democracy.....That was true.....It is not.
RT News covered the 3rd party candidate debates......sooooo????? how is that a bad thing? They should be covered. Good for the Russians for doing the the US media refused to do.
It is 25 pages of much to do about nothing . No evidence of hacking. No evidence of anything. Just conclusions based on nothing.

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