Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump Shunning Davos.....

More evidence things will be different.
Davos Switerland where the worlds super rich powerful elites travel once a year to sip champagne (and eat caviar) while discussing the worlds problems.
The main problem is always that the super rich powerful elites have all the money, and you (and your family) have none of the money.
Every year they try to solve this problem but fail miserable and have to return next year to (eat more caviar) and try again.
The Clintons loved going to Davos. Obama also loved going to Davos.
Trump isn't going. Trump remembers who elected him President and it wasn't the super rich elites. It was the people. The real people. The ones who have been bludgeoned over the last 40 years.
To respect those people Trump won't be in Davos this year.
This is a very positive sign.

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