Friday, January 20, 2017

Genetically Modified Apples.....YUM

Genetically Modified Apples on their way....Brought to you by the Obama Administration. An Administration that cares.
Nearly two years ago, the US Department of Agriculture approved the US's first genetically modified apples.
The Food and Drug Administration is NOT required to approve genetically engineered crops for consumption.
The US Apple Association was wary of Arctic's apple after the USDA approval, but the group has since taken a more neutral stance.
Carter said Midwestern stores were the first choice because they seemed like a good fit demographically (The rich people live on the coasts, Rich people won't eat that sh*t so send it out to the middle of the country). He wouldn't name the stores (Big secret),stating it's up to retailers to announce that they'll be selling the non-browning apples.
The less you know the better......Enjoy!

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