Friday, February 3, 2017

Apple ready to create jobs......In India......

CEO of Apple Tim Cook sat around a table with President Donald Trump and listened intently.
Trump told him (and others) he wants jobs in the UNITED STATES. Tim Cook smiled. Tim Cook nodded. Tim Cook laughed. Tim Cook left and opened a new factory in India.
Apple struggles to sell Iphones in India because India uses PROTECTIONISM.
The same protectionism all the "experts" say the US can't possibly use....... is used by India to achieve dazzling results.
Those results just got more impressive with a brand new shiny Apple plant.
Apple manufactures ZERO Iphones in the United States.
The United States practices FREE Trade. Free Trade = You are about to get completely screwed.
Protectionism = You will have lots and lots of jobs. You will have a shiny new Iphone factory.
See how that works?
We are told if the UNITED STATES uses protectionism there will be a trade war. But India uses protectionism (all the time) and everything is just hunky dory.
Apple has been hampered by a rule that prevented it from opening its own retail stores in the country. Foreign retailers can only sell products if 30% of the raw materials used to make them are sourced locally. The Bangalore manufacturing unit could pave the way for the first Apple stores in India.

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