Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Demise Of ObamaCare....

When the obituary is written on Obamacare the death will be blamed on Donald Trump and the Republicans.
That is good news for Barack Obama.
But the reality is Obamacare is actually dying under the weight of its own poor design.

Trump has not done anything yet and companies are fleeing Obamacare. Humana is leaving. United Healthcare has already left in multiple states.
Obama care meant people cannot be turned down for coverage. But health insurance companies have no obligation to take part in Obama care to begin with.
While insurance companies enjoyed the fact that private citizens were forced to buy their products…….They did not appreciate having to actually cover sick people.
Health insurance companies do not want to pay anything (ever) let alone cover the payments for chronically ill people. Turns out it is better to just drop out than do that. So off they head to the exits.
That means less competition and even higher prices. All bad news.
If Obama just did what he said and provided a public option (which would have competed and driven down rates) Obama Care would not currently be in cardiac arrest.
Because Obama care did not fix the underlying problems is why the end is coming soon.
When that happens the Republicans will all get blamed. I am sure that makes Obama very happy.

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