Friday, April 14, 2017

White House Visitor Logs....More dishonest Media.

More dishonest media.

The story is Trump won't release his White House visitor logs because he wants to hide who he is meeting at the White House.  

That is a true story and I agree it is bad policy.

The problem is this story holds up Barack Obama as the shining beacon of transparency.  

That is dishonest and incorrect.

Barack Obama did voluntarily released white house visitor logs 


Obama didn't meet his shady lobbyists  at the White House.  Obama met his shady lobbyists next door at Jackson Place.   Meetings over there are not covered in the secret service visitor logs.  So you didn't really know who he was meeting with or how often.

Barack Obama........ Not transparent.......  Not honest.  But opaque.

So Barack Obama didn't tell you who he was meeting with........ and Donald Trump doesn't tell you who he is meeting with.  

Both exactly the same.  

Obama is celebrated and revered as Trump is consistently trashed.  

On this issue both administrations were exactly the same.

Obama meetings held next door......

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