Monday, May 1, 2017

Obama Cashing in....

A life of public service……ahhhhhh.
Now f*ck off as he cashes in.
Isn’t that what public service is all about?
As President he was paid $400,000.00 for 365 days of work.
As Ex President he will be paid $400,000.00 for 1 speech.
As President he raised the most money of any politician ever.
As an ex president he is making the most money (for 1 speech) of any ex president…..Which is saying something because Bill Clinton did pretty well packing it in.
As President Obama railed against Wall Street…..Wink Wink.
As Ex President he can’t wait to tell Wall Street all about what he thinks…….As long as they have piles of money for him. Wall street can't wait to hand it over.
Obama giving a speech to poor people……Yeah right.
Obama giving speeches to the filthy rich (who he created). Sure thing.
See you later suckers.

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