Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Indian Outsource Firms Now Want To Hire Americans......Thanks To Donald.

Infosys the outsourcing company (specializing in stealing jobs from Americans and giving them to people in India) is now looking to hire thousands and thousands and thousands of American workers.
This is thanks to Donald Trump. This is why Trump is President and Hillary is home making excuses.
It is about US jobs....Period! Everything else is just noise.
Trump told you he was going to fix the scourge of outsourcing. He told you he was going to end the abuse of the H1B visa. Here he is actually doing it.
We were told Trump would never follow through on protecting US workers......And here he is.....
We were told that H1B visas were needed because Americans were not qualified to do the jobs. If Indians were not brought to the United States (paid a lower wage) then the work just couldn't be done.
Then Trump said he was going to fix the abuse of the H1B program making them harder to get. Now suddenly the Indian outsource firms are freaking out. Since Trump made it clear it will be Americans or nothing.......Well now suddenly Americans can do the jobs after all. Well what do you know........ Who would have thought.


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