Wednesday, May 24, 2017

China Ready To Take On Boeing.....

Send all the factories to China.
Send all the jobs to China.
Send all the know how to China.
Send all the intellectual property secrets to China.
Show them how to make it all. It is good business.
China has low labor costs. They have NO human rights. They have no environmental standards. Cheap....Cheap....Cheap.....Cheap. It is awesome!
Plus you can trust them. They are Communists. If you can't trust the Communists who can you trust?
Then one day after they have all the jobs are gone........ and all the know how is gone......... and all the industry secrets are gone........... the Chinese decide they don't need you anymore. They can do it all themselves. Why take only some of the money when they can take all of the money.
In business school this lesson is called BEING F*CKIN STUPID.
The executives at Boeing aced this chapter. Congrats! You are the big winners.

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